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Medical Care with Quality, Saviers Medical Group

Professional Services You Can Trust

At Saviers Medical Group, we provide a full range of comprehensive medical services for men, women and children. As part of our efforts to provide the highest quality care possible, we offer dedicated treatments and services in each of the following categories:

Primary care

Routine check-ups and other primary and preventive care services are crucial to helping patients stay healthy – whether that means managing an existing disease or taking the necessary measures to prevent one from developing. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Annual wellness exams for men, women and children
  • Administrative physical exams for sport, school, employment, driving, and more
  • Screening tests for various conditions based on individual risk factors
  • Immunizations for the flu, pneumonia, tetanus, and more
  • Referrals for mammogram, colonoscopy, and other diagnostic tests
  • Management of acute and chronic medical conditions

Seniors Care

Aging and elderly patients require specialized medical care to ensure they maintain healthy bodies. Some of the services we provide for seniors include:

  • A "Welcome to Medicare" preventive visit exam
  • Yearly "Wellness" visits
  • Medication review and adjustment
  • Chronic condition management

Skin procedures

For patients with minor or serious skin-related medical conditions, our expert healthcare team provides the following treatments:

  • Skin biopsies
  • Removal of benign and malignant lesions
  • Repair of lacerations
  • Wart removal
  • Skin tags removal
  • Abscess incision and drainage

Joints injections

Joint injections are effective for reducing chronic and acute joint pain associated with arthritis, cervical and lumbar conditions, knee pain, and more. Some of the injections we offer our patients include:

  • Steroid joint injections
  • Lumbar trigger point injections
  • Hyalgan knee injections

Contraception & Family Planning

Family planning services and contraceptive education enable individuals to make smart decisions about whether they want to have children and when. In order to prevent unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, we provide services such as:

  • Contraceptive counseling
  • Prescriptions for oral contraceptives
  • Prescriptions for condoms
  • Depo-provera injections
  • IUD insertion

contact us today

To make an appointment or to ask questions about our services please call us at 805-271-0708 or contact us online:

Saviers Medical Group
246 E Scott St (Beachport Center) Port Hueneme, California 93041
Phone: 805-271-0708
Fax: 805-271-0769

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
9.00 AM till 5.30 PM
Saturday (by appointments only)


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